*Rules are still being reviewed for 2020 season. Please check back. 

Official Soccer Rules  

Behavior & Conduct

  1. This is an adult SOCIAL league. ­Relax, have fun, and don't take things too serious!
  2. Each player is required to display good sportsmanship, and respect to the League Officials and other players at all times. Rude, aggressive, vulgar language or behavior may result in either ejection from the game, suspensions or by being banned from the league/club all together for repeated violations. 


  1. Players must be 18 years old and over and post high school to play. Please disregard the 21 and over message when creating a new account, we are working on updating our website system. 
  2. Team roster shall include a minimum of 14 players, including at least 6 of each gender.
  3. The maximum number of players on the field is 10 (including keeper) and including at least 4 female players.
  4. Teams may play with a different coed format if BOTH captains agree to it (e.g. 7 men / 3 women on field). 
  5. A team may start with as few as 6 players on the field.
  6. Players may be substituted for each other at any time between plays.
  7. Sub policy: If a team has less than 12 players present or doesn't have at least 5 of each gender, they may use a registered player from another team in the league to sub during the regular season.
  8. Any subs from outside the league must sign the waiver before playing. 
  9. Home team will wear White shirts. Away team will wear black or dark color shirts (no greys please).


  1. Each game shall be officiated by a league-assigned referee. 


  1. Field size will be 100 yds x 70 yds. 
  2. Goals used will be 24' x 8'.


  1. Soccer balls will be provided. Teams may use their own ball if both captains agree. 
  2. Players must wear shoes. No metal cleats. 
  3. Shin guards are required.
  4. Jewelry can be a danger to all players. Any jewelry deemed unsafe by the referee will need to be removed in order to play. This includes watches, necklaces, dangling earrings, etc.
  5. No baseball or hard-brimmed caps. 
  6. The goalkeeper should wear colors which distinguish him or her from the other players and the referee. 

Game Clock

  1. Each game will consist of (2) 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime.
  2. The game clock shall be a running clock, except for the final 2 minutes of the game (see below) or for any extended delay of game at the referee's discretion.
  3. During the final 2 minutes of match, the referee may stop the clock or add stoppage time if the teams playing are within 2 goals of each other for the following: fouls, injuries, substitutions or goals scored.
  4. The referee may stop play for an injury. 
  5. If any player or team, in the referee’s opinion, intentionally stalls or delays the game, a direct kick may be awarded to the opposing team at its offensive third. 
  6. Penalty kicks may still be granted at the end of a half if the foul occurred before time ran out. 
  7. There will be no regular season overtimes; ties are permitted.

Start of Game

  1. The home team will get to choose either to have the ball possession at the first or second half.
  2. The away team will get to choose which goal they wish to defend first.
  3. The game will start with the ball being placed at midfield and the offense will take possession. The defense may not enter the midfield area (as designated by the referee) until the ball has left said area.
  4. At halftime, teams will switch sides and the team that started on defense will now have first possession of the ball.

Rules of Play

  1. All matches will be played in accordance with current FIFA “Laws of the Game”, except where noted below.
  2. You may not touch the ball with your hands or lower arms. Shoulders, chest, head, foot or any other part of the body is legal.
  3. No slide tackles or aggressive contact is permitted. Players who engage in such may receive a warning (yellow card) or be ejected from the game (red card) depending on the severity of the action and the referee's discretion.  2 Yellow Cards = a Red Card and an ejection. Slide tackling will result in a turnover to a direct kick.
  4. For all free kicks, the offending team must be at least 10 yards from the ball until the ball is kicked.
  5. All fouls shall be penalized by awarding a Free Kick
    • Fouls include the following:
      • handballs (except for goalies in the box)
      • kicking, striking, tackling, tripping, holding, pushing or jumping at an opponent
      • dangerous play/kick including slide tackles
  6. Fouls committed in the penalty area will result in a penalty kick from the designated area.
  7. Goalies may touch the ball with their hands in the goalie box except if it is kicked to them by a teammate. Then the goalie must use his or her feet. The goalie may not pick the ball up outside of the goalie box. Goalies may not hold the ball for longer than a verbal referee 5-count before it results in a turnover. All goalie infractions will result in a indirect free kick for the opposing team (must touch another player before going in the goal).
  8. Out of bounds - Teams who last touched the ball as it goes out of bounds shall turnover possession. If the ball crosses the side line, it is a throw in. The throw in must be stationary at the approximate point the ball went out. If the ball crosses the goal line, one of two things occur. If it is the defending team's possession, it is a goal kick; if it is the attacking team's possession, it is a corner kick.
  9. Offsides: The stationary line of the 18 yard box will be used for offsides. 
  10. On-field substitutions may only be made during stoppage of play and should be made at mid-field.

Mercy Rule

  1. Optional mercy rule if a team is up by 10 goals. 


  1. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. 


  1. Teams must be ready to play and meet game start requirements at the posted game time. Any team not ready to play, after a 5 Minute Grace Period, shall forfeit and the opposing team shall take a default win (3-0).

Championship Tiebreaker

  1. If both teams are tied at the end of Regulation in the Playoffs, both teams will engage in a Best of 3 Shootout with at least one of the kickers being female. If the teams are tied after the Best of 3 Shootout, they will continue in a Sudden Death Shootout until a winner is declared.  Teams may not repeat kickers until everyone on their team has attempted a kick during the shootout.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Players will be notified of weather cancellations via email and text (if subscribed) and it will be posted on the league schedule page. We will extend the season, if possible, to make up those games.
  2. If games are canceled due to inclement weather during a game in progress, a game is considered official if halftime has been reached. The team ahead at the time the game is called will be declared the winner.