Official Bags League Rules

Behavior & Conduct

  1. Each player is required to display good sportsmanship, and respect to the staff and other players at all times. 
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct or rude, aggressive, vulgar language/behavior may result in either ejection from the game or by being banned from the league altogether.


  1. All players must be 21 years of age. 
  2. Team rosters shall include a minimum of 2 players
  3. No gender requirement  
  4. Rounds 1-4: Players may not substitute for each other during a round. Only after a round is complete may players trade out. A team may switch out players mid-round only on the 5th round.
  5. Subs from outside the league are allowed during the regular season
  6. If a team does not have 2 players available for a regular season match, they may recruit a player from within the league to sub on their team. However, to avoid a forfeit, at least 1 of the players must be their own and the sub should be the appropriate skill level for that team and division.
  7. Players must be on the official team roster and have participated in a regular season match to be eligible for the playoffs.   
  8. Late Registration: a team may add players to their roster during the regular season.


  1. If a team arrives late, they may request to have 1 warm up round before starting play. 
  2. Each match will be 5 rounds.
  3. Rounds are played to 21 points. You do NOT need to win by 2. First team to reach (or exceed) 21 points wins the round.
  4. Teams will alternate first throw in each game. Teams may use rock, paper, scissors to decide who throws first for the initial game.  
  5. Each round won will be worth 1 point in the league standings.
  6. There is a 65-minute time limit for matches (see below). Time limit is NOT enforced for the late round of games when no games are scheduled behind it.
    • If a round is in progress at the conclusion of 65 minutes, that round shall be called and the round shall be awarded to the team with the highest score.
    • If 4 or less rounds were played during the match, additional 'sudden death' rounds will be played for the remaining league points. After everyone has thrown at least once, the first team to take the lead wins the point.
  7. The winning team will record the score of the match at the league scoring table. 

Rules of Play

  1. Cornhole rules of play are those of the American Cornhole Organization. Those rules can be found here: 
  2. No rollers. 
  3. Players are responsible for keeping score of points in each individual round and also keeping score of rounds won.
  4. Players must throw in a timely manner as judged by the League official.
  5. Each team will stay in their designated lane (see below). Teams shall switch sides for each game. 


  1. All equipment, including boards and bags shall be provided by the League.


  1. Players must be on the official team roster and have participated in a regular season match to be eligible for the playoffs. 


  1. Any team not ready to play within 10 minutes of their posted start time shall forfeit the first game; 2 games after 15 minutes and the entire match after 20 minutes.