Official Darts Rules

Behavior & Conduct

  1. Each player is required to display good sportsmanship, and respect to the League Officials and other players at all times. Rude, aggressive, vulgar language or behavior may result in either ejection from the game, suspensions or by being banned from the league/club all together for repeated violations. 


  1. All players must be 21 years of age and over. 
  2. This league is for recreational-level players. Competitive players that play in regular dart leagues & tournaments are not allowed.  
  3. Team rosters shall include a minimum of 2 players.
  4. Teams may play with 2 or more players for the dart games 
  5. A team cannot play a game with 1 player. 2 players are needed to avoid a forfeit. 
  6. Subs from outside the league are allowed. This league is for fun. No ringers!
  7. Maximum of 1 sub from other teams in the league during regular season. 
  8. No new players for postseason tournament. If a team is short, they may use 1 sub from a non-qualifying team in the league. 



  1. Any team not ready to play within 10 minutes of the posted game time shall forfeit the first game. If the team is not ready to play within 20 minutes of the posted game time, the opposing team shall take a default win 5-0.