Program Description

Join us for an indoor bags league at Hazzard County! The league plays on Wednesday nights starting October 30th.  Please email [email protected] if interested in playing as an individual 'free agent'.  Free agents may be placed on teams of 3-4 players. 

  • 21-and-over league
  • League will be split up into 2 or 3 divisions to try to get evenly matched teams 
  • Team rosters of 2+ players; no gender requirement. 3-4 players is recommended team size. 
  • 6-week regular season + playoffs on the 7th week for qualifying teams (typically at least top half makes it). No games on November 27. 
  • Game times at 6:30 or 7:35 PM. Start time will vary each week
  • Each match will be 5 rounds to 21 points. Each round won will count as 1 point in the league standings. 
  • League bags are provided. Full size boards with custom scoreboards that match the bag colors (no more forgetting the score!) Boards will be at 24-25 ft. rec distance due to indoor space limitations
  • $2 tallboys and $3 wells during happy hour 5-8 pm; 25 cent progressive Busch Light draws starting at 8 pm
  • Socializing before, during and after the games! Meet new people!
  • Postseason prizes for top teams
  • Team fee is $80 + tax
  • NOTE - Account credit does not currently work with team pricing. If you have credit and would like to use it towards a team payment, please email [email protected] 

Player Rating Levels (you will be asked to rate your skill level during registration)

  1. Beginner – Player has very little control over where the bag is going and the bag often misses the board. 
  2. Social/Rec – This player has a feel for the distance needed to toss the bag, but is erratic in getting the bag to consistently hit and stay on the board. Typically, this level of player is in the beginning stages of developing a consistent throwing motion that can be repeated. 
  3. Rec/Intermediate – This player has started to develop consistency when tossing the bag. They have a basic understanding of game strategy but have yet to master all the different types of throws.
  4. Competitive  – This player fully understands game strategy and plays at a high competitive level. They can make all types of throws, but may struggle with consistency every once in a while. 
  5. Advanced – This player can and wants to compete against anyone. This player can execute sliding the bag and airmailing the bag as needed. Player fully understands game strategy and plays and practices on a regular basis. 

*This league will run along side our darts league on Wednesday nights. Players are NOT allowed to be full-time players in both leagues due to scheduling conflicts

**Team price is $80 + tax. Once the team price has been paid (either individually by 2 people or by the team captain) the team will be marked as 'paid' & additional players may be added to the team roster at no-charge.


Questions? Contact Brian at 319-804-8512 or [email protected] 

Program Details
Official Rules: Bags League Rules
Location: Cedar Rapids - Hazzard County
Registration Dates:

Now — Oct 23, '19 Regular

Oct 24, '19 — Dec 11, '19 Late

Max Teams:24
Team Roster:2 Players Minimum, at least 0 of each gender. No Maximum.
First Game Date:Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Last Game Date:Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Postseason Format:Top 6 teams
Individual Price: Regular $40.00 + taxLate $42.00 + tax (See Refund Policy)
Team Price: Regular $80.00 + taxLate $84.00 + tax (See Refund Policy)